Eighth Grade Visit to WHS


The class of 2016 visited Walnut High School on Friday, May 13 for their orientation assembly. They walked across the street into the big sea just across–the same route all eighth graders went before and after the orientation. They learned a great deal of information about their upcoming year as freshmen, but mostly importantly, had fun.

The sole purpose of the orientation was to get the eighth graders eased up and be familiar with the high school atmosphere and to welcome the new freshmen class. To start off the assembly, the eighth graders walked through a crowd of upperclassmen and paraded into the gymnasium.

The visit was filled with performances by choir, dance, band/orchestra, color-guard, drama, cheerleading, jazz band, and of course, games. ASB led the events and took the eighth graders around the campus. Also they spoke to the students.

When asked on how it felt about joining orchestra as a freshmen, Kevin C. stated that, “They seem really good, and I look forward to presenting with them (Walnut orchestra) next year.”

Students got an insight on how things worked and got familiar with the campus and the students there. Good luck next year eighth graders!

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