The Misuse of Language


You are talking with your friends during lunch. You hear a student drop the F bomb, along with some other swear words. You then run into someone on accident and they act like it’s the end of the world. Is it really necessary? Only now, swearing only seems like a game to us.

Everyone in the world talks, but some words are not meant to be spoken. So, why were they invented? The F-word, that  many people think is so amazing to use, believe it originally came from a man named John in the early 1300s. It might be better to not imply his last name. The meaning of the word has changed very slightly over time, but none of the times did they have a very appropriate meaning.

Along with the S-word, it also had a very interesting story behind it. The word is actually an acronym for Ship High in Transit. In the 1800s, cow dung was collected to burn things instead of wood, because not only was wood hard to find, but it was also very heavy. Leaving boxes of dung in the sun for days, people had started to smell something funny. They took the acronyms from Ship High in Transit and told people that it was the smell of the S-word. Now you know how it first started. Interesting right?

Including all the other swear words, just because they have a funny story behind it, still does not make it appropriate for one to use. The students at school swear all the time, and trust me, the teachers hear it, they just won’t acknowledge it; but when students swear, all of the time, they aren’t using it correctly. Why swear? It’s not making you look any cooler than you think you are, and for another, you aren’t making a great impression for others or yourself.

“I think that they do it to emphasize what they’re talking about sometimes. Other times, they just do it out of habit, or because people around them do it too. I don’t think people do it to be “cool” because everyone knows that popularity doesn’t work that way.” said seventh grader Joy Wang.

Another student in seventh grade, Kevin Yuen says, “They probably do it because they’ve heard it and they think it’s “cool” to say it. I don’t know. Or maybe they’ve heard their parents swear and they’ve just gotten accustomed to it.”

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