What to Do During Summer

By:Amanda Mora/ Staff Writer

The first week of summer is amazing. Getting to sleep in late, no more homework or tests. But then  things start to get a little stale and repetitive. Here are some things you can do to make your summer a lot more interesting.

Pick up a new hobby. Why not learn how to play a new instrument or a new sport. Go camping in your backyard. If you change your mind about sleeping outside your bed is only a few yards away. Go hiking (if you’re the outdoorsy type). Go on a cave hike.

Visit the international banana museum in mecca california, go see an outdoor concert, learn how to make your own ice cream, lie down with lions at the roar and snore safari, visit the butterflies in Exposition park and catch an IMAX flick while you’re there.

Go watch the bands perform at creekside park this summer. There will be food trucks and an outdoor movie after the concert. You can also watch the fireworks at suzanne park this fourth of July.

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