7th Grade Enrichment Cycle


The seventh graders have their own enrichment cycle, as do each of the other grades. The seventh grade enrichment cycle consists of art, STEM (science, technology, engineering & math)  and computer classes.

Students have one class per semester, and then rotate to another class second semester. The classes students are given within the cycle are completely random. Laiah Dillard, seventh grader in the enrichment cycle said, “I like [enrichment]. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know that I’ve learned this year in enrichment and it’s fun.”  

Students can have different combinations of the three classes in the cycle. For example, students could be given art for the first semester then STEM the second semester or vice versa. Mrs. Vicky Silcock, Mr. Richard Soikkeli and Mr. Jonathan St. Amant each teach the seventh grade enrichment classes.

The seventh grade enrichment cycle has a balance of learning and practicing the skills taught in the class. Teachers work hard to make the classes enjoyable for the students as well as  developing pupil proficiency in their classes.