A student newspaper has returned to Suzanne Middle school after a 12-year hiatus. Suzanne Middle School once again has newspaper and, to move into the digital age, it is available online as the After Ink at smsafterink.org.

The journalism staff will be delivering need-to-know news about Suzanne, clubs, sports and upcoming activities.

In addition to newspaper duties, the Suzanne Journalism staff is already has begun production on the 2015-2016 yearbook The Plume.

Suzanne’s journalism adviser, Mrs. Michelle  Harmonson, is teaching journalism for the first time after having taught language arts for 22 years.

The journalism staff asked Mr. Les Ojeda why he chose Harmonson to be the adviser.

“Mrs. Harmonson has a lot of years in writing and language arts and she’s an excellent teacher,” he said. “One of her focus areas  has always been writing, and so what better person to teach that class then an English teacher with a lots of experience?”

The staff is working hard to make this newspaper a great one and we the students enjoy reading it each month. Keep an eye out monthly for After Ink.


  1. I love this new SMS student paper! Thank you for creating it and bringing important Suzanne news to our students, parents, and the Walnut community.


  2. i like it but i just want to say something would you plz add more more more school news and some fun stuff and cool fact


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