WALNUT- Advanced Art- a place where imagination turns into reality through cartoons, visual pieces and color. Advanced Art- a place where 8th graders unleash their imaginations.  Advanced Art.

Taught by Mr. Jonathan St. Amant, this class is full of talented artists whom all enjoy spending their time drawing. As a year-round class, accepted applicants journey through different elements of art and learn more as they progress throughout the year.

“Art in the future it will be more modern, but it will also be more creative!” said 8th grader Maddie Lee.

If you are in seventh grade with an interest in art or creativity for a whole year, be sure to apply for Advanced Art 2016-2017. However, in this class, you don’t just draw. This class does other special projects like sculpting, etc.

“In this class,” she learned, “that you have to also have an open mind. You can’t just apply because you like to draw, and only draw. Here, we also do a wide variety of art. Like sculpting, and scratch art,” said 8th grade Lauren O.