All About the Sixth Grade Enrichment Cycle

BY MAYA HAMATY/staff writer

In sixth grade, one of the options for enrichment is the “enrichment cycle.”

The cycle consists of keyboarding class with Mr. Richard Soikelli, computers with Ms. Vicky Silcock, and art with Mr. Jonathan St. Amant.

Your enrichment period could either be period B or period F. If you have period B, one of your classes will be with Mrs. Susan Warren where you will have the pleasure of learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics.) If you have period F, you will learn about music with Mr. E.J. Gautreau.

These classes are far more than what meets the eye. Your typing class will help you type faster on the computer for when you are in college and need to write an essay quickly. This generation has been using computers for everything, so computer classes will help you understand computers and give you tips and tricks to comprehending computers. Art will educate you about the history of well-known artists and you might develop a passion for it and give you a new hobby. STEM instructs you on robotics and how scientists do experiments to test if something is true or not. You can learn about the background of music and how the most famous musicians got to where they were.

The teachers do a great job of training you to apprehend these interesting subjects. The enrichment cycle is a lot of fun and and very beneficial to your knowledge.