WALNUT- One of the enrichments for seventh grade, is choir. Choir is a class for students who want to learn how to project their voice or be like a new Taylor Swift. Students may wonder how they might benefit from choir. The answer is; they could make new friends. They may find that singing is a great stress reliever, and it could be a lot of fun.

Singing is also a great way to relax. School can be stressful and exhausting. After a long hard day, singing might help students take their mind off all the homework, and any other issues they may have. Sometimes choir concerts may be scheduled away from the school, during school hours!

Choir could help improve certain skills such as; Multi-tasking  – (students have to watch the conductor, keep an eye on the sheet music, and know when to sing and when not to sing), Memorization – (one needs to memorize the pitch, volume, and rythym), and Teamwork  (singing with a group requires great precision, in tandem with others.)

When asked what he enjoys about choir, Mr. Blackstone stated,“It gives a home for those people who really like to sing.”

So, join choir – you might even fall in love with it.