Get ready to act!


Have you always loved performing? Transforming into a totally different person? The drama class, taught by Mrs. Helen Papadopoulos, at Suzanne perform plays, the variety show, and a part of the school musical. The class is opened to both 7th and 8th graders and accepts about 35 students.

The actors and actresses learn to act, perform, and how to work together as a team. They are also taught songs and dances for some of their performances. Drama allow students to think, analyze, solve problems and make decisions.

“I want them to just explore the parts of themselves like taking some risks and how to present themselves better,” says Mrs. Papadopoulos.

Even though it may just seem acting to most people, drama also teaches time-management without knowing it. Students have to balance their acting life with school life with finishing their schoolwork on time, but also having the time to practice their lines and memorizing them for performances.

“When I was little, I remembered seeing my sister in drama doing many performances and I thought it could be fun, so I chose drama for my enrichment class,” says 7th grade drama student, Sarah Barajas.

Students do many vocal and acting exercises to prepare for their shows. In drama, the class can you help you discover your many talents and becoming comfortable in front of an audience. Students can think creatively and put that creativity into their acting.