I’d Rather Be Copy Editing


The Journalism/Yearbook class, taught by Mrs. Michelle Harmonson, is a class filled with young journalists who want to inform students what’s happening around them and has an eye for design. The class is available to 7th and 8th graders, but only accepts 29 students.

They have their own website, smsafterink.org. Students can enhance their writing skills and learn how to take quality photos. The students in this class also designs the school’s yearbook, “The Plume.”

“At the time, I wasn’t a very good writer so I thought this would be a perfect class to take because it helps me focus on my writing,” said eighth grade staff writer, Sheldon Yen.

Students in this class are taught reporting skills such as researching, interviewing and writing throughout the year.

They also learn the AP (Associated Press) style of writing for their news stories. Along with writing stories, the journalism students make up a theme for the yearbook and design it.

“We’re all different people and I chose yearbook because yearbooks can hold onto memories that you can later forget in your life,” said seventh grade staff writer, Jill Umali.

The Walnut High School publications and yearbook students come after school every other Wednesday to come help out the class with students’ writing and the yearbook. They share their ideas and suggestions on news stories and the yearbook design.