What enrichment do you want to do next year? For seventh graders, leadership is one of the many selections.

The leadership elective class is supervised by Mrs. Natividad. Leadership have four officers, the president, the vice president, secretary, and treasurer. They also have 30 more students besides the officers.

“Leadership students mold the clay of the school,” says Lizzie Lau, a student in the leadership enrichment.

Leadership kids are in charge of giving birthday balloons and crowns to kids, decorating the MPR for the Valentine’s Dance, Haunted MPR, and Blue and White Tea. They also activities like the Easter Egg Hunt, Red Ribbon Week, and Stand Tall Week.

“The purpose of leadership is to inspire and lead the student body,” says Kaitlyn Tran, a member of the leadership program.

There is one leadership ambassador in each homeroom. They are in charge of letting the teacher and students know what’s going on during the week. Also reminding people to wear certain colors and things on certain days.