Learning A New Language: Español


Suzanne students have the opportunity to get a head start in learning a new language. Spanish, taught by Ms. Marlene Soto in room 37 (the photo above right). It is an eighth grade yearlong non-application enrichment.

Students who complete a full year of Spanish can enter a higher level of Spanish at Walnut High School. Two years of the same foreign language is a graduation requirement at the high school as an alternative for those who do not take fine arts.

“Learning another language is a skill,” Ms. Soto said. The students not only learn the language but also explore the culture. Dialogues are a huge portion of the curriculum. In the photo above left, AmenRa P., Jacob M., Asif K., Dalahy Z. and Madalin P. participate in a Spanish learning game.

Students in the class learn a mix of different Spanish dialects. “The differences aren’t that great. Everything I teach is accessible in terms of meaning,” Ms. Soto said.

Spanish is the only foreign language class option for students at Suzanne besides a Chinese zero period. This is because Suzanne’s enrichment program has a variety of classes already and not enough students to fill them all.

“The pacing of the class is really good. It is an excellent chance to learn how to communicate with others in a different language,” eighth grader Ken C. said.