PALS or PLUS? What’s the difference? This is a common question on our campus. PALS, or Peer Assistance Leadership Students, work more individually with students. PLUS on the other hand stands for Peer Leaders Uniting Students and they work on uniting the school as a whole. PALS also leads Palmies, a monthly activity for sixth graders to help them get to know each other better. They work with individual students, helping them accept themselves.

PLUS sometimes assists Leadership in any of their noontime activities. PLUS is the group of students who construct the always visually appealing posters announcing the theme of the week or any upcoming events.

You may also recognize them from your homeroom discussions. They visit homerooms every Tuesday and Thursday to talk about topics like anti-bullying and self health. PLUS covers the seventh and eighth grade homerooms, and PALS has sixth grade.

The two are alike just because they devote their time and effort to making the school a better place.