PLUS are friends that lift us up!

By Isabel Rosas/Staff Writer

WALNUT- Have you ever had a bad day? Do you ever wish someone could be by your side? PLUS is here! PLUS stands for peer leaders uniting students. This election is advised by Mrs. Marla Rickard.

This group helps spread self-esteem and school-wide campaigns of caring. During homeroom, character education videos are filmed and a PLUS student helps you understand the video more thoroughly by asking questions. PLUS also participates in the grade-level summits by teaching us a specific topic at the summit.

Rocky Espinosa, a PLUS member says he joined PLUS because he, “likes to help people and make people happy.”

PLUS also helps us emotionally. For instance the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade summits.

A PLUS member, Yvonne Mak was asked what is the purpose of the grade-level summits. She said, “[The purpose of the grade-level summits is] so everyone can connect and share their stories.”

We have friends that lift us high and friends that bring us down. PLUS shows us how to remove bad friends and make great new ones.