The Music Within Us


Here at Suzanne Middle School students of all grade levels are offered band as an enrichment class option. Students learn different styles of music styles, teamwork, and the chance to be creative.

Other than the guitar and piano, all wind and percussion instruments are taught. “If you can hit it or blow into it, you can be in band,” said Mr. Blackstone.

Band is a fun and educational class but the music teachers, Mrs. Ami Garvin and Mr. Jeffrey Blackstone, expect a lot out of the students. Students are to practice a total of 180 minutes every week. “Just like exercise you can’t exercise just one day…music is exactly that way too because it involves your body and your brain.” said Garvin.

“The cool thing about practice cards is that you can decide when to [practice]. Maybe if you have a lot of homework one night then you skip practice, then you can make it up the next night. You get a lot of freedom,” said Blackstone.

Seventh grade band class is during period E and taught by both Garvin and Blackstone. Eighth grade band is taught by Blackstone and during period A.

“It’s important that everybody goes back together so that they understand some advanced concept in 8th grade. It’s also to get them ready for high school where the whole band practice together,” said Blackstone.

“There’s not just a mathematical side to music but there’s also an artistic and a heart side of music. Music has a way of affecting kids in various ways and that’s what I think is a bigger part of the music programs,” said Garvin.